Commercial TV stations can’t really survive and can’t make money without the advertisers.  Advertisers and their agencies are the ones doing the buying of TV spots.  In order for the advertisers to buy from TV, this broadcasting company needs to have good contents.  Part of this content is getting talents.  So TV hires talents to entertain the market.  This market is also the target of the advertisers.  When one of the talents becomes famous, an increase in talent fee which is called market value is expected.  Later on, this talent will be hired by an advertiser as the endorser of their product/service.

In this situation, we can say that “Without the Advertisers, there will be no Talents.”  In reality, the talents become famous because of the advertisers.  If you’re one of those advertisers that made the talent popular and later gets the talent to endorse your product/service; and the talent asks for a high talent fee that you can’t afford because of you budget; then that’s the funny part.  Bidding will be the next thing and would make you as an advertiser feel bad because you understand the origin of talents.  People don’t look back to the origin and its principle “existence precedes essence.” It’s a cycle.  The originator is always forgotten.

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