Most of the online pop-up ads and the mobile ads are annoying the market. People are not asking for them and yet they come in unexpectedly. If you bother the eyes, a negative image on the brand is expected. So the best way is to advertise by targeting the ears. But it must not be on the listening side; instead, it should be on the hearing part. If listening is for broadcasting; then hearing is for narrowcasting. Narrowcasting aims at putting real value on advertising by not really bothering people on its ads. Narrowcasting wants to build a positive image on its brands. If the market is focusing on something and something comes in unexpectedly, then naturally, the market gets bothered. Nobody wants interruption when a person is focusing on something. It's like playing darts or shooting a ball into the basketball ring. Unless a person is professional in his chosen field, then anything that will bother him in targeting his goal doesn't affect him anymore. So when you watch NBA and Lebron is on the free throw and some people are booing him when he's about to shoot the ball; you'll be amazed that he can still shoot the ball and gets a point even many are bothering him. This is because he is a professional in his field. Meaning, crowd noise of booing doesn't bother him and it's ok because it's part of his training. But when it comes to doing other stuff like buying, doing a window shopping or surfing the internet; nobody wants to be bothered because these are normal activities. You don't need to be trained and become a professional to do these things, right? Now when the market gets inside an establishment and hears something, then that's not really annoying him because he doesn't have a focus yet. Even he is holding what he is about to buy, there is no annoyance in that area as long as the audio music/ad that he heard doesn't reach a noise level. Noise level comes in when the person covers his ears. This is the annoying part in hearing something. Other than that, focusing on the hearing strategy is the best way to achieve high level of "captive market."

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