First is human resources. We have a lot of overseas contract workers. I think almost all countries in the world have Filipino workers. Foreigners love Filipinos. One skill that we are good at is improvisation. A Filipino carpenter can create an item (let say a cabinet) having few tools. Just imagine how skillful Filipinos are.

2nd is our English Communication Skills. The call center industry prefers Filipinos because we are flexible when it comes to English accent. In fact, Koreans would prefer to study English in our country than in other countries who can also speak English. Why? Because of our flexibility and patience in dealing with students. Right now, our English teachers have caught the attention of Japanese people. Check the website on Home based Online English Teachers; most of them are Filipinos.

3rd is Entertainment. Dancing and Singing are Filipinos' major talents. Before, we used to bring/export entertainers to Japan. Now in cruise ships. Look at Charice Pempengco. Even Manny Pacquiao can sing well. Sports is another thing that also falls under sports entertainment. We have the Askals and Dragon Boat Team.

4th is Natural Resources. You know that the Philippines is a Paradise. We have a lot of products for export. No need to expound.  

Business & Entrepreneurial Spirit? That, we don't have here in the Philippines. Because if there is, then, I should be hearing and seeing brands that has a mark "Made in the Philippines." Are you aware that we have 414 inventors in the Philippines? One of them is my friend who has gained a lot of features on Philippine TV. He has more than 500 patents. But his products are not known. Maybe, our inventors haven't faced the fact that the term invention is already obsolete. The new term is "entrepreneurship." Inventors are not really business minded. They just want to have a cut from the royalty that they'll gain from their inventions. In my experience, I have made an innovation for more than 18 years now. After my testing in 1999, high technology started to come in but I can't afford it. In 2007, I decided to look for Angel investors here in our country. Since then (after 4 years), I never found anyone. I already hit the big ones. They will just nod that shows they like the idea but will never invest. Bottom line, a new mindset must be done to change the business thinking of the next generation; not as employees of other countries but employers of our country. The sad part is, if I made a deal in the US and has persuaded those investors, that's going to be a slap on the face of Filipinos. It happened to Charice. It will happen again. Right now, I have a contract with a giant company (that came from the US), and yet I can't deliver what I have promised to them because I lack capital? What a life.....

By the way before I forget, Merry Christmas!!!
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