According to this site, when it comes to outdoor advertising, people have an attention span of 8 seconds so to be effective adverts must be eye catching yet simply read and understood.      

Possibly, the above statement is correct.  When I rode the bus few days ago, I tried counting in seconds and it appears that at 80 kmph to 100; it takes 12 seconds to see and read a billboard message.  Here, I believe that 12 seconds can be equivalent to 7 to 8 words in a normal pace of reading.  Advertisers must focus on few words that include its contact number.  Well, Bench practices few words and more on clothing.  They get famous celebrities to get ones attention easily; then their clothing follows.  I believe this is effective.

But I don’t think BILLBOARDS placed in Guadalupe Makati area are effective.  Basically, the more signage, the more people are expected to see its ads; the more ads, the more you are confused, the more confusion, the lesser the ads are being noticed and the lower the recall…..

Anyway, billboard could only be effective when you place it in an isolated place.  It’s not all about the high market traffic but it’s more on the message that could really be recalled by its target market.

In my vision, billboards (an out of home advertising) should be linked to narrowcasting.  This will be called CADIOVISION.  Can’t really tell you more about CADIOVISION now; soon to learn...  This will be the future of advertising.
5/6/2013 11:22:35 pm

Where is your heart?
hiding something you never mention.
How to say love will be forever?
I just feel so much happyness and sadness.
When you think of me naturally and never doubt me.
You will know the deepth of love.
You will feel the sweet of love.


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