PictureSquared Toe Shoes
Last May 26, 2013, I visited a known department store in Alabang.  When I approached the retail sales person, a woman came-in and asked him about the latest available shoes.  He pointed out the one that is called “flat toe shoes or squared toe shoes.”  Here, I butted-in their conversation.  I said, to the woman, no! That’s not the latest kind of shoes.  I showed it to her the latest shoes.  This one, it’s called  “rounded toe shoes.”  The retail sales person was embarrassed and never said a word. 

PictureRounded Toe Shoes
I also told the woman or the customer that you’ll learn more about men’s fashion on GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) and she thanked me.  

Butting-in a conversation could be unethical, but if the information about a certain item is incorrect which could lead to a bad buy (considered lost of value); then as an adman I have to enter their deal.  Besides, I’m still considered a customer in that department store. 

I don’t know why the retail sales person is giving out wrong information on their products.  Well this is a bad advertising practice and it should not be tolerated.  Marketing should always update their people with their products.  If marketing intention is to push their old shoes for inventory purposes, then that is also a bad strategy.

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