In the book "Advertising: Background, Theory and Practice by Isabelo Crisostomo 1993, Alicia M. Pascual of Pulse Research Group says that Filipinos still continue to look up to imported products and brands with foreign image as superior to homegrown ones.  So this is before and after 1993.  As of now, most products are made in China.  In the mid 2000, outsourcing of production was monopolized by China because of cheap labor.  Filipinos who are exposed to different good qualities from different countries learned that items made in China have low qualities.  It is now a mindset to FIlipinos that China products are disposable.  Now the Philippines has conflicts with China because of island ownership and Filipinos are starting to hate China.  An opportunity of pushing "made in the Philippines" is the next big thing.  If we can't have the imported items, then let's have our own items...  Cherry and MyPhone are made in the Philippines.  Although the raw materials came from China, at least the software was made in the Philippines.  This is a good sign of liking our own products and services.  So the challenge is, what is the preference of Filipinos now, made in China or made in the Philippines?

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