Since 2004 I started wearing shirts with CADIO prints.  My office-mates are curious of its name.  70% of my shirts have CADIO prints.  It’s like saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”.  Once you see or hear something frequently, you become curious of it.  Later, you investigate and when you learn that it’s a good one; you include it in your list of brands.  The same with Facebook, if you like something; you click on the “like icon.” Now even I don’t tell them about the term CADIO, they will later call me CADIO.  Most of the time, they pronounce it incorrectly.  So I kept on educating them on how to pronounce CADIO correctly and they learned.  I tell them, it’s not KADIO, it’s K-dio; then I tell them what’s CADIO which is a great opportunity of creating free advertising.  Here, the idea has got into their minds.  Word of mouth marketing comes after people become curious of the something.  Some of them read the CADIO quotations that are part of building an image. 

Internet marketing is also the same with word of mouth marketing, if you include audio and video promotion.  CADIO is connected with narrowcasting.  So if you check it in the internet, you’re going to find it once you search on “Philippine Narrowcasting.”   CADIO has a website, facebook account, twitter, blogs, youtube, podcast, wikipilipinas and later, CADIO will also be in other media.   CADIO will use 3 tags: Philippine Narrowcasting, Digital Media and CADIO Advertising.

Lastly, the most practical and traditional of promotion is the giving out of business cards.  But make sure, you tell something about your ideas/products/services before you give your business card to your prospect.

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