When Manny Pacquiao won a lot of big fights, I can’t imagine the number of advertisers that asked him to endorse their products/services.  It’s a wow!!!  

Just few years back Manny encountered consistent losses.  Try to observe, if not most of them, all of his endorsements were gone.  This is the sad part when you get an athlete, like a boxer.  It’s hard to have an endorser who has lost a competition.  It sounded like the product is also on the losing edge.  Is this reality?  Where is ethics in advertising?  

If you compare this to another sport like basketball, you’ll notice an advertiser who has a basketball team wouldn't really care if her team loses in PBA.  Isn’t that similar with Pacquiao?  

The unethical part here is we praise and want to be with someone when he has done great things but when things turn out to be on the bad side, people usually stay away from that person.  It’s like saying, you only gonna meet true friends when you are down.  Could this mean that the owners and managers of the products/services that Manny has endorsed have no heart?  Products/services will only exist and might become a successful brand if there are people behind.  That’s why there is always a tag that says “Made in (country).”

Anyway, let’s just wait after the fight.  If Manny wins, you think his endorsers will come back and ask his support again?  Let’s see.  Good luck Manny. 

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